OMG!!! i met Daniel Graves yesterday (from aesthetic perfection)<33 *CRYING WATERFALLS*

he was such a sweet heart!! he was so social , funny  and super mega hot ..as usual.

i bought CD´s and thirts et for almost 700 SEK. and i got all the CD´s signed :D i told him that im going to se them on amphi and he hoped to see me and my friend there, they are signing there!! longing allready! And i bougt this special CD from him, there are only  500 of them in the whole world and he hawe made them by hand himsef :D<333 im the happies person on earth rayyyt now!!

and i also met a guy from the swedish EBM band Autodafeh!! omg ! i cant get that he was there!! his band suported  nitzer ebb and die krupps last year!!

and D-tox (the swedish band from lund that suported aesthetic perfetion) were GRAT LIVE!!

and i met soooo many friends yesterday that i havn´t met before in real life!it was awesome! but ye . im soooo shy  that they had to come and say hi to me xD iiiihihih . omg im souch a idiot xD ahahah pictures from yester day can you people find on my face book ..soon or something! i will tell when the pictures are up :DDDDD